Services & Pricing


  • Dissertation template downloads
  • Description of standard sections and content (as part of template)
  • Auto-update table of contents (as part of template)
  • Do-it-yourself videos and tips
  • Easy-to-use APA checklist

Citations, References, & Table of Contents

$500 (plus or minus $200 depending on length of reference section, density of citations, and current APA compliance) 

This level takes care of the typically most challenging parts for the do-it-yourself student with strong writing skills.

  • Auto-update table of contents created for you if needed
  • Citations and references in APA format 

Total APA Format & Style 

$1400 (plus or minus $500 depending on length, number of tables and figures, and current APA compliance)

This level is sufficient if you have strong writing and research skills.

  • Auto-update table of contents created for you 
  • APA compliance for punctuation, capitalization, statistical symbols, numbers
  • Missing parts of references found and inserted 

Comprehensive Edit With Consultations on Meeting Advisors’ Expectations

$2400 (plus or minus $600 depending on length and level of support needed)

  • Total APA format and style
  • Corrections for grammar and professional tone
  • Help with organization and logical flow
  • Formatting and fact-checking

Negotiable Extras

Additional services can be added for whatever ethical measures it takes to get you graduated. 

  • Advice and assistance in meeting advisor’s specific requests
  • Forms for timeline creation, deadline tracking, and reminders
  • Strategizing about political aspects of the process
  • Rush job surcharge
  • Help contracting with a statistician to look over the analysis and interpretation of results (when the committee doesn’t have this expertise)
  • Check to ensure references match in-text citations
  • DOI & URL insertion if required by your school

If you are just starting the comprehensive exam and/or proposal, you might want help to brainstorm about topics and research questions, select an appropriate method and design that will facilitate smooth progress, refine your data collection procedures, and select fitting strategies and tools for analysis. If you don’t have sufficient time to write, you can audio record your ideas, email the audio file, and have help to organize your ideas. For tasks such as interview transcription, voice-to-text or subcontracting for low-cost transcription can save you time. After graduation, you might want help to condense your content into a shorter format, such as a journal article, and investigate suitable sources for publication.

Payment Methods

I request an estimated half up front. I can receive Chase quickpay, Zelle, Venmo, Popmoney, or Paypal (with credit card option). I also accept money orders or personal checks thru postal mail, usually as a slower second-installment option.


“ I was surprised by the broad range in costs online among seemingly similar editing services. Ardell came highly recommended, however, and I was impressed by the transparency on her site. Furthermore, she threw in plenty of encouragement and advice for free! I am thoroughly impressed with Ardell's expertise, professionalism, and timeliness. My defense went off without a hitch! Regarding her prices, she was actually able to complete what I requested in less than the time estimated, since I had done a decent job of formatting already, allowing me to celebrate with a wee trip! I consider Ardell to have been a critical member of my dissertation team.” — Alexis Pope, Ed.D., Director of Admissions, Appalachian State University

“Ardell can guide you from start to finish. A close colleague of mine who knows my second-language issues read my dissertation and said, ‘I know you didn’t write this alone, but I can hear your voice’.”  Contact me if you want to know more: professor.castaneda @   — Mario E. Castaneda, Ed.D., Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, California State University

"Ardell Broadbent is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed. She is a skilled, insightful, and professional editor who listens to her clients’ comments and works to develop the best possible product for them."  —Rudy B. Frias, Ed.D., Assistant Professor