Download APA Checklist & Dissertation Templates

The downloadable APA Edit Checklist has a clickable table of contents to help you quickly find the most-used rules. The TSU dissertation template uses four heading levels, while the GSEP (Pepperdine) template uses three, as mandated by that school. These templates reflect the formatting requirements of these schools. These are fairly standard requirements, but they are likely similar to your school's formatting guidelines. Make sure to scroll further down for tutorials.

APA_Edit_Checklist (doc)


GSEP dissertation template APA6th (doc)


TSU dissertation template APA6th (docx)


Do-it-yourself Editing Tips

  • One way of spotting errors that are easy to overlook is to read your document aloud to yourself or have someone else read your document aloud to you.
  • It may be helpful to have one or more friends or colleagues proofread your work.
  • Some students exchange documents and provide each other with valuable feedback, especially for seeing through the eyes of a reader unfamiliar with your topic, if that’s your intended audience.
  • Re-reading your document after a week or more has passed can give you a fresh perspective.
  • It may be helpful to review an APA checklist as a way to review compliance with basic APA guidelines without having to absorb the entire APA manual. 

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More Tips


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