What my clients say about me:

“People would kill for your skill set.”

— Willo Rodriquez, EdD, Director of Aquatics, West Valley College

"To say that Ardell was an excellent resource to me during the finalization of my dissertation is an understatement. Two of my cohort members recommended Ardell as efficient, thorough, and professional. When I reached out to Ardell for assistance, rather than try to "sell" me on her services she focused on what I was in need of. Ardell's services were well worth the cost. She even found a methodological error that my advisor had missed, which my advisor agreed was necessary to change. Although I'm a tenured professor, I needed an expert in APA. After my final defense, I submitted my dissertation to the APA review committee and after one review I was approved to submit and publish. Should anyone have any questions about my review, feel free to reach out to me: dalia1575 @ gmail.com." —Dalia Juarez, Ed.D., Associate Professor of English at Compton College

Benefits to you:

  • Access to the knowledge base of an academic insider who chooses to provide expertise to you rather than stay on the academic payroll
  • Help in understanding what your advisor wants and expects, with guidance in  accommodating advisor preferences
  • Access to solid research advice when your advisor is unavailable
  • Help clarifying your ideas, from an expert with language scores off the charts
  • Relief from academic pressure, no matter where you are in the process, outsourcing tasks that aren’t your specialty
  • Quick and honest feedback; on-time delivery of completed editing and revisions, for the quickest possible progress
  • Help that you can be assured is within the bounds of academic ethical norms
  • Help locating additional support services you may need
  • Detail-oriented and methodical corrections, any of which you can see and discuss, even reverse if needed

These are the clients I am in the best position to help:

  • Your department requires APA style. 
  • You have a demanding schedule and prefer that an expert take the load off you as much as possible. 
  • By graduating sooner, you will make up the editing cost through tuition you save or a pay increase you will sooner gain.
  • You are enthusiastic about your mission-driven topic and have a deep interest in promoting your ideas for the benefit of society.
  • You understand that some of the dissertation process is a political jumping thru hoops and you could use help with that. 
  • You may have found that your advisor is either over-extended or has a conflict of interest such as being paid per semester whether you progress or not.