More of what past clients have said...

“I regularly refer Ardell to my dissertation students as she will ensure that they meet the APA requirements." — Diana B. Hiatt-Micheal, Ed.D., professor emeritus at Pepperdine University

"Ardell Broadbent is a wonderful, thorough editor who is a joy to work with. She was recommended by a friend in my doctoral cohort who is an English professor at a local college. Ardell completed technical tasks I found daunting, like finding missing reference information. That was such a relief. She also edited for clarity; she found places where I had confusing wording and asked questions that helped me to clarify the text. Ardell is more than a very good editor; she also has a compassionate understanding of the dissertation journey. She was very clear and responsive with deadlines. She was reassuring with advice when my university’s process of submission became frustrating for me. She even offered support for my defense and gave me a “heads up” of what the final APA clearance would entail. 

I found her pricing to be completely fair. On the high end, but worth it. It may feel overwhelming to look at a menu of services, but Ardell isn’t out to sell what you do not need. She gave me accurate estimates and was completely transparent. The dissertation process is challenging. Feel some of that weight lift off your shoulders by getting help." 

— Naomi Castro EdD, Director at the Career Ladders Project

“I am very pleased with your work on my dissertation, I feel like you definitely ‘got’ my vision, and made my work shine!” — Emma Wood, PsyD