headshotI know how important your writing is. Whether your next step is graduation or seeing your work published through a reputable source, professional editing can help you accomplish your goals. Drawing on years of experience, I will give you honest feedback, help you find the resources you need, or help you identify changes to make your work look sharp. I know how valuable your time is to you, so I make changes directly to your document, giving you a finished product that requires as little review time as possible. You are able to see and reverse any change if you wish to, but the format does not require you to review each change.

“Ardell Broadbent is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed. She is a skilled, insightful, and professional editor who listens to her clients’ comments and works to develop the best possible product for them.” —Rudy B. Frias, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Professional editing can improve your chances of getting the results you want with:

  • Dissertations
  • Thesis and term papers
  • Journal articles
  • Curriculum materials
  • Textbooks

For dissertation editing, the process is political as much as it is APA rule-bound. With years of experience and close alliances with faculty members, I’ve learned about when students are more likely to earn respect and progress more quickly by simply going with the advisor’s wishes versus when they’ll benefit more from standing up for their ideas (and what explanations to use) so they don’t get stuck in a situation in which advisors are likely to drag out the process, with additional costs to the student. It’s easier for me, as a seasoned editor, to detect when a committee member’s demand is going to put you through a needless run-around versus when a demand is justified, either by APA or IRB regulations or simply by traditional protocol. Coaching and understanding of methodology are value-added extras that my experience level brings. Clients have assured me that my services cost them less than the tuition they would have spent by struggling on their own for another semester.

“I regularly refer Ardell to my dissertation students as she will ensure that they meet the APA requirements” —Diana B. Hiatt-Micheal, Ed.D., professor emeritus at Pepperdine University